Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#RYBSAT Read your book shelf a thon day three

I started a new read-a-thon a few days ago
to read more about #RYBSAT go to my post from the other day about it CLICK HERE)
Today is day three of #RYBSAT  I finished:

The summer I turned pretty
by Jenny Han

I finished The summer I turned pretty  and started the next book in the trilogy:

It's not summer without you
By Jenny Han

I should have finished the second book, and I am almost there!  I only have a few chapters left.  I should begin reading book three by tonight:

We'll always have summer
by Jenny Han.

Like I said in my previous post from yesterday, I am really enjoying this series.
There are some things that make me want to yell at the main character for, but I will talk more about those when I do my review for this trilogy!

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