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Alright I promised a book haul, and here it is!  All of the books (except for a few which I will post at the end) are from  If you have not heard of this site then you need to check it out!  They have books that are discounted so highly it is a bargain.  Most books are around 3-6 dollars! I order whenever I can.  In fact I just got this order, and already have another on the way lol.  #booknerdproblems.  I also want to apologize for the quality of the pictures, my camera has been broken forever now, so I use an older ipod for all my pictures. ON TO THE HAUL!!!!!

The book outlet books:


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman 


Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
(uglies book one of the uglies series)

I have read this series already, but when I saw it on bookoutlet I had to snatch them up because I loved this series.  I got books 1, 2, and 4.  I just need book 3.

Pretties  by Scott Westerfeld
(book two of the uglies series)


Extras  by Scott Westerfeld
(book four of the uglies series)


Antigoddess by Kendare Blake
(book 1 of the goddess war series) 


Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake 
(book 2 of the Goddess war series)


Of Poseidon by Anna Banks 
(book one in the Syrena legacy)


Of Triton by Anna Banks
(book two in the Syrena legacy)


Of Neptume by Anna Banks
(book three in the Syrena legacy)


The retribution of mara dyer by Michelle Hodkin
(book three in the Mara Dyer trilogy)

I was so glad to see this on their website, I own books one and two but did not have this last one.

InuYasha Volume 1 by Rumiko Takahasi

This was also from I just did not include it in the main picture because I almost forgot!  I am so excited about this book but it did come dented and warped even though it was not marked as a scratch and dent on the site.  This happens from time to time but the books are so cheap, I can't complain!

The bottom shows where it is warped/dented.

Now onto a few books I got while shopping but I forgot to post about when I bought them:

The Wrath & the dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Everyone on booktube has been reading this book, and I have heard good things about it so I had to pick it up, it sounds great!!

 A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas

This is a new release book, and a new series by Sarah J. Maas.  I LOVE HER!!  Her throne of glass series is so amazing.  I can't wait to dive into this one if I have time by the end of this month.  I have a few books that I have to rate and review before I can read all my new books.

Death note black edition volume one by Tsugumi Ohba & Yuki Kowalsky & Takeshi Obata

I am so excited for this one, I got the black edition which is really neat looking!

Well that is all for my haul, I will be sure to post my next one soon!!

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