Wednesday, January 7, 2015


My first book haul post!  My husband and I went thrift book shopping at Salvation Army, and Books a Million in the clearance section.  This is what we found:

All the books we found at the store 

We found some books by Charlaine Harris, the Sookie Stackhouse novels!
I've seen all of the show TrueBlood but have not read the books.  We got 1-2 and 6-10 in the series, all hardcover, never read at salvation army (EXTREMELY CHEAP)!!

Then I also got two Nicholas Sparks novels  I have read novels by him before and I enjoyed them all so I bought these 

Now these two were in great condition the kitchen house was unread and these are both novels that I have already read and LOVE.  I will only buy books for my bookshelf that I will re-read.

Warm bodies was a discount buy at books a million, and city of bones I did pay full price for because I had a 5 dollars off  25 dollars- books a million coupon and I needed to push my limit over 25 to use the coupon!

Then I got two other books from my to read list

And two more books from my two read pile, but these are book 2 and 3 in the collection so I just need to buy book one.  They were both discounted so low I could not pass them up though!

Overall I got so many great deals, checking out Salvation army is always a great idea because the books were all 1 each or cheaper then they had a blue sticker sale and anything with a blue sticker was half off that day, all my Sookie Stackhouse books had the half off sticker!!

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