Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The Remedy Files: Illusion (Remedy Files #1) by Lauren Eckhardt

I was able to read this book early and for free from the author herself, and I am so GLAD that I did.  Honestly after I finished reading this book I couldn't hold back my excitement.  I've read a lot of good books lately, but this one has me wanting more and wanting more NOW!!  The main character is Evangeline and she lives in a community called Impetus, it is a dystopian type novel and they call everything that happened after the wars "The before"  As to not let what happened before happen again everyone in Impetus takes the remedy which makes it so they cannot feel.  Evangeline meets a friend named Gavin and she begins to question things around her, and questions are not aloud in Impetus!  The story goes from great to even better as you read.  The ending leaves you on a huge cliffhanger making you want to read the next novel in the series right away.  It is all I have been able to think about, what happens next!!?  Out of all the books I have read lately I think this is on the top of my list.  I need to buy the paperback just to have it on my shelf so I can reread it over and over.

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