Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The memory keeper's daughter a novel by Kim Edwards.

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(I love this cover!)

My personal review (without spoilers):  I rated this book one star out of five stars.  I had chose to read this book because I faintly remembered watching a lifetime movie about it.  It sounded like a good story plot, a woman gives birth to twins and her husband sees that one of them had down syndrome and decides to ask the nurse to take her away to a home (this was in the 1960s) and the nurse decides to keep the baby and raise her herself.  I hate reviewing a book so low but I found that it was a very slow read, and it was somewhat boring to me.  I had to drag myself through reading it.  The characters are just people I did not fall for, or have any connection to.  So I would not personally recommend this book, but please check out everyone else's reviews on goodreads if you want an all around idea of how other people viewed it!

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