Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- LUX books 1-2

Book review for Lux beginnings 

Book one: Obsidian
Boo two: Onyx
by: Jennifer J. Armentrout

My rating for Obsidian and Onyx is 5/5 stars each.

I am obsessed with this series!  I love the writing style, the characters Daemon (swoon!) and Kat (I love her she reminds me of myself).  I love that Kat is a book lover, and a blog writer.  She says things like sweet baby jesus, douche canoe, etc.  Just funny things that I can relate too.  I love the story plot, it is exciting.  If you are into paranormal type, young adult, with some romance mixed in then you will love this series.  I blew through these first two books!  I am now starting:

Books three and four: Opal and Origin.  
I will post a review for both of them when I finish them, but I am telling you this series is an insta favorite for me.  I highly recommend it!

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