Wednesday, September 24, 2014

House Party

I just wanted to write a review of the website !

I love this site so much.  For those who do not know is a website where you enter to be the host of different kind of parties that they have going on for that month.  For example I have hosted a Hasbro's Happier New Years Game night where Hasbro and sent me several board games (free of charge) to play and host a game night.  We had such a great time at that party all my friends were over and we played the games and had an overall great night.  Another party that I was able to host was by, it was an Ancestry DNA party.  I was able to take the Ancestry DNA test and got my results about where my ancestors were from (Ireland, Poland, Germany,etc) and they also sent the following in my party pack to help host the party:

This was another fun party, being able to see where everyone else was from, and help explain to everyone how the Ancestry DNA package works.  Everyone loved it and was offered a discount!
The most recent party I hosted was a Dora and Friends Premiere play date!  This was such a fun party because we actually hosted it the same day as my daughter's birthday.  So we made her party Dora themed.  Then everyone at the party got to watch the Nickelodeon show Dora and friends first two episodes before they even aired!  Needless to say the kids loved this one:

We love House Party, and their sponsors because it gives us a chance to have a great time with our friends and family & there is no gimmicks to it at all.  Free to sign up, free to enter to win a house party, and they send you the party packs free.  The only thing is not everyone is guaranteed to get  a house party.  I know some people who have not gotten a house party, so it is partially luck, and if you are the type of person they are looking for to host the party.  For example someone without kids would most likely not get a Dora and Friends house party, but they have all kinds of different parties, so it is worth a try!  Let me know if you like or if you have ever hosted a party in the comments below!

(note:  This post was not sponsored by they did send me the items in the party packs for free when I hosted the parties that I mentioned, but this post itself was on my own accord because I wanted to share one of the sites I like to visit daily)

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